Wrongful Termination

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After years of dedication and hours upon hours of hard work, have you been fired from your job? Are you looking for answers? Do you believe that discrimination or some other improper employment practice was involved in your termination? At Loya Law in Dallas, we protect the rights of employees who have been the victim of wrongful termination. We answer the questions you have about your claim and, if we take your case, are prepared to pursue it aggressively.

Every employee has rights. You can, and should, take actions to protect those rights and look out for your future. Taking action as a whistleblower is not justification for losing your job. Employers do not have the right to do whatever they want when making personnel decisions. If the decisions leading to your wrongful termination were not handled properly, it could be a violation of your contract.


The only thing that should be a factor in your hiring or firing is your performance at work. The firing of an employee based on any type of discriminatory practice is wrongful termination. If you have lost your job due to discrimination, you can take action and get the compensation you deserve. We handle cases involving discrimination based on:

Sometimes it is hard to know whether or not you have a case against your former employer. Our employment law attorneys are here to help. We can look at the situation regarding your wrongful termination and help you understand your legal options.


Whether you reported sexual harassment or other form of hostile work environments or used family leave you are entitled to under FMLA or reporting company fraud, retaliation by employers against workers is illegal. We can help you fight back against unfair termination or the pressure to quit.

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