Overtime Wage Disputes

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While wage disputes can be one of the more serious employment concerns a Texas worker can face, there is often little an employer can do to defend themselves against a claim. However, the burden is on the employee to show proof of work hours for which they were either underpaid or not paid at all. This requires good record keeping and relevant testimony should a claim proceed to court.

At Loya Law, our wage dispute attorneys have the knowledge and experience to protect employees who have been the victims of employers who violate the right to receive fair pay for work performed. You do have options and you can take proper action with our help.

Enforced through the U.S. Department of Labor, wage dispute claims don’t have to involve an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) claim, or Texas state office. Our skilled employment attorneys will educate you on your options before you take action on a claim.

Wage Disputes and Hourly Workers

We regularly address a wide range of wage and hour claims for Texas employees covered under the federal and state labor laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Texas “payday law.” Our Dallas employment lawyers handle cases involving:

  • Unpaid overtime
  • Underpayment for overtime
  • Minimum wage violations
  • Forced to work without pay

Wage Disputes and Salaried Employees

Despite what many employees have been led to believe, salaried employees can also be victims of unfair wages. We handle lawsuits involving employees who have been misclassified as salaried or were victims of wrongful termination for blowing the whistle on employers for dubious wage and hour practices.

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Whether you are an hourly worker at a Texas business, or even a salaried employee, wage disputes are a serious concern for you, one that can be resolved with help from an experienced attorney at Loya Law in Dallas. We know employment law and how to help you get the pay you are entitled to collect. Contact us today to discuss your situation in a confidential, no-cost consultation.