Civil Rights

Texas Civil Rights Lawyer

Every American citizen has rights protected by the United States Constitution. When those rights have been violated, you can take action and protect yourself. An experienced civil rights attorney can help you take the appropriate course of action. At the Dallas offices of Loya Law, we are dedicated to giving a voice to the victim s of civil rights infractions. From a false arrest to police brutality, we can help.

Your civil rights are protected by the United States Constitution. If you have been the victim of police brutality or the use of excessive force, there may have been a constitutional violation.

From the moment you walk into our Dallas offices, we will begin a thorough investigation into your incident, preparing your case for trial. Once we have gathered substantial evidence, we will work with you to take action and make sure your rights are protected. At Loya Law, we protect individuals who have had their civil rights violated in wide range of incidents:

  • Police use of excessive force
  • Due process violations
  • False arrest
  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Wrongful imprisonment

Discrimination is illegal, no matter what the circumstances. Whether it has affected your career or led to your wrongful arrest, you have the right to fight discriminatory practices. Your civil rights are designed to protect you, and at Loya Law, we are here to enforce them.

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You do not have to just roll over if you have been the victim of a false arrest or the use of excessive force. At Loya Law, in Dallas, we can be your voice, helping you stand up and protect your civil rights. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.