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For many of today’s Texas companies, complex and constantly evolving business markets challenge them to stay competitive. Business needs vary and shift. Protecting your company’s interests requires nimble representation by an experienced attorney.

At Loya Law, we represent business clients in many different industries, prosecuting and defending against claims in a wide variety of complex business dispute and litigation claims involving contracts, tort actions, employment, fraud, and intellectual property from unauthorized use of confidential information, to trademarks and trade secrets. The broad scope of our firm’s litigation practice includes representation of both public and private companies, including individual shareholders, business owners and investors.

Companies we have represented include manufacturers, high tech software and telecom firms, restaurant chains, financial service companies, oil and gas producers, retailers, real estate developers and operators, and professional service companies. Specific legal areas in which we frequently support clients include:

Breach of Contract and Licensing Disputes

The firm’s extensive experience in analyzing a wide array of contracts from the perspective of both sides provides clients with a significant benefit. A large volume of our business litigation cases include contract disputes claiming breach of contract and violation of contract provisions, including:

  • Manufacturing and production agreements
  • Executive employment agreements and other forms of employment litigation
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Corporate and partnership agreements
  • Investment contracts and brokerage agreements
  • Licensing contracts, insurance agreements and sales contracts
  • Oil and gas production agreements

Business Tort Claims

We represent clients in tort claims alleging theft of trade secrets, violation of fiduciary duties, fraud, misappropriation of corporate opportunities, business defamation, deceptive trade practices, copyright and trademark infringement actions and civil conspiracy. Claims generally involve intense factual disputes, requiring considerable skill in collecting and presenting documentary evidence and testimony at trial.

Shareholder and Partnership Litigation

A significant focus of our firm, shareholder litigation involves claims by stockholders and partners in complex, high stakes cases arising within privately held businesses. As with most areas of our practice, we represent plaintiffs or defendants. We pursue claims on behalf of minority shareholders (individuals and groups) and limited partners asserting minority shareholder oppression and breach of fiduciary duty by majority owners in control of corporations and partnerships. We also protect the rights of majority and controlling shareholders, corporate officers, directors and managers, and general partners against claims by those holding minority interests, and in the context of “business divorces.”

Arbitration of Claims

The increase in the number of business agreements that now include arbitration provisions has resulted in a significant rise over the last 10 years in the number of arbitration proceedings in which our lawyers have represented clients. From commercial matters to employment litigation, we know the arbitration process and the strategies for success these special legal proceedings entail.

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Not all businesses or their employees are the same, and neither are their business disputes, employment litigation and other legal concerns. Loya Law provides a voice and vigorous protection of their rights. We take your business and employment troubles as seriously as you. Contact us today to discuss your legal options.