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Dallas Broker & Securities Fraud Lawyers.

Have you been given bad information by your financial planner? Have you been misled by your broker? Have you watched them make money while your financial investment dwindles? At Loya Law, we protect the rights of investors who have been the victims of broker or securities fraud in Texas. If you believe that the negligent or fraudulent actions of your broker have lost you money, we can help you evaluate your claim.

With over 45 years of experience as a securities law and investment fraud lawyer, Sidney Ravkind understands the complexities of securities fraud and broker fraud in Texas. Federal law, as overseen by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), is designed to protect the rights of individual investors who put their financial future in the hands of stockbrokers. We enforce the rights of consumers in a variety of securities fraud cases:

  • Conflict of Interest: Your broker should make decisions with your money based on what is best for your family, and nothing else.
  • Contradictory Investment Advice: Have you been given contradictory investment advice by your financial planner? How could you possibly know which course of action to follow?
  • Stock Churning: Brokers make money when they complete transactions. Has your broker been making trades just to generate broker fees? That is not what you pay them to do.
  • Inappropriate Advice: Financial planners understand what investments fit your long-term goals. They should never recommend stocks that are not appropriate for your situation.
  • Unfounded Advice: Your broker should give you investment advice based on accurate information.

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If your broker has continued to make money while your financial future founders, you may have been the victim of securities or broker fraud. At Loya Law, we can help you take action to enforce your rights, with the goal of getting your money back. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.