Corporate Shareholder Fraud

Texas Corporate Shareholder Fraud Attorneys.

Companies should make decisions intended to yield positive returns for their investors. When people within the company start cooking the books for their own personal gain, it is corporate fraud. You have rights as a shareholder, and at Loya Law, we can help you protect those rights.

Business being what it is, you understand that there is an inherent risk with any investment. However, there are certain practices a company must follow to safeguard the investments of shareholders. Violation of these practices is corporate shareholder fraud, and corporate shareholder fraud is illegal.

From managers to managing partners, everyone in charge of running a particular business is responsible for growing that business. When one person takes action to profit and make an improper personal gain, it is corporate shareholder fraud. We can help you take action aimed at getting your money back.

  • Mismanagement: How has the company managed your investment? If you have received skewed information as to their financial actions, it may be a case of mismanagement.
  • Failure to Disclose Information: There is certain relevant stock information that every company must revel to its shareholders. Concealing information isn’t just unfair. It’s a crime.

Texas Securities Act

If you have been the victim of corporate shareholder fraud, you can take action to get your money back. If there has been a violation of the Texas Securities Act by the business with which you invested, you may have an even bigger claim.

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