Drug Charges

Houston Drug Possession and Trafficking Lawyers.

Every drug charge in the state of Texas carries severe potential penalties. As the severity of the narcotic charge increases, so do the potential consequences. From marijuana, meth, or other drug possession, to the distribution of a controlled substance, you want an attorney who will aggressively protect your rights. At Loya Law, we protect the accused in Texas. Our goal is to help you move forward with the least damage possible.

Building a strong drug charge defense starts with an investigation into the initial arrest. As with any crime, there are certain procedures that must be followed for all drug-related crimes, form simple drug possession to trafficking. There are certain questions we ask in every narcotics case that can have a significant impact on the outcome for our clients, regardless of the charges:

  • Were the arrest and search and seizure all legal?
  • Was there a civil rights violation?
  • Was the seizure in the car or house the result of surveillance?

The answer to these questions and the results of our own investigations into the evidence will help us to negotiate with the prosecution most effectively. If a fair deal that protects your rights cannot be reached, we are ready to protect your rights in court as well.

While drug possession and distribution charges are the most common, more severe allegations, such as trafficking, may be falsely charged in the initial stages of an arrest. We work to help our clients fight all charges. We protect the rights of the accused who face drug possession and other charges involving a variety of narcotics, including:

  • Methamphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin

It is important to note that drug treatment is now required in every conviction and can no longer be used as a bargaining chip in negotiation.

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Whether you face drug possession charges or you have been accused of meth distribution, you want to build a strong defense based on the facts. At Loya Law, we can help you protect you rights and minimize the potential consequences. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.