Mediation Overview

Dallas Mediators Dedicated to Resolving Your Case

When you have major legal concerns, you want to know that there is a place where you can turn. You want to know there are Mediators dedicated to resolving your case.  At Loya Law in Dallas, we believe that mediation is the practice of solving problems. Whether it’s mediation or arbitration, our lawyers are dedicated to winning.

Providing the best possible mediation service means coming up with plans tailored to the needs of each specific situation.  At Loya Law, we will listen closely to your dispute and look for the best outcome. We believe that mediation provides an opportunity to help people and solve their problems. Taking time to analyze the case in order to provide each individual with the personal service your deserve, we have a sincere concern for what happens to you. We are aggressive in mediation and look for the best outcome. We understand that the legal concerns of our clients are often the most important thing in their lives. We will take the time to listen to your worries, help you understand your options, and give you the support you need during this difficult time.

Our Attorneys

Founded in 1994, our mediators have successfully settling thousands of cases.

  • Raul Loya: As the mediator in our Dallas office, attorney Raul Loya has 22 years of experience as a trial lawyer.
  • Attorney Sidney Ravkind: In our Houston office, has over 55 years of experience in business disputes and securities law.  Attorney Sidney Ravkind helps clients throughout Texas find solutions to their financial problems.

Protecting Your Rights

Whether you have lived in Texas your entire life or you were passing through the state, if you have a legal concern in Texas, we can resolve your case. We have a wide area of legal knowledge to address any of your concerns:

  • Employment Law: Understanding the challenges of an employment case, we are able to view all the issues in order to obtain a favorable resolution.
  • Securities Law: We understand the complexities in this area of law to reach a favorable outcome for the parties.
  • Business LawA person or company may have a dispute that can be solved through mediation.
  • Personal Injury: No matter how you’ve been hurt — in a car crash, a work accident, or any other way — the case can be settled.


Whether you want to reach a settlement through mediation or prepare for a civil trial, we are ready to assist you in settling your case. At the Dallas offices of Loya Law, we can help you schedule a mediation. Contact us today to schedule your mediation.